Monthly Archives: August 2016

Test an SQL Server Connection

I found myself working on a ASP.NET MVC application that was backed by a SQL Server database.  Now the team over in the office can connect to it fine.  However, as mentioned previously, I am working from home until the new office in Winchester opens.  The server was an Amazon RDS instance and I bet that it only allowed white-listed networks to connect to it.  (My speciousness was due to an error reported by Entity Framework as ‘The underlying provider failed’)

So I needed to test it quick, and only test the connection and nothing else.  So I saw this on msdn and created an empty ‘.txt’ file and renamed it with the ‘.udl’ (Universal Data Link) extension.  Then I put in my connections strings and hit ‘Test Connection.’


Sure enough, I got an access denied error.  So I called the person responsible for managing that instance, gave them my I.P. address and I was off to the races.

Good thing to keep in your head.